CFD Workout for 04/24/20


CFD Workout for 04/24/20

A)Warm Up:

2 Rounds
10 Reach backs
5 Inch worms
10 Face down twisted crosses
5 Knee push-ups
10 Alt plank shoulder taps
5 Air squats
10 Alt Lunges

B) Conditioning:

For Time (15 min Cap)
150 Pushups
-Every time you break your set you must complete 10 airsquats-

Scale so that you can do large sets from the beginning!

C)Jump Rope Practice:

EMOTM x 6 Mins
1) Singles/Doubles x :40
2)Right leg only singles x 10-20 reps
3) Left Leg only singles x 10-20 reps

*Each listed station is a different minuteā€¦ do not try to do all 3 in the same minute.. it won’t work out very well

D) Handstand Practice:

6 Mins of drills
-Pick 1-2 of the following drills and make an EMOM out of it-

:20-:30 HS Hold against wall
:30 handstand walking
:20 of Plank Shoulder or Thigh Taps
5-10 Pike Pushups

*Choose 1-2 moves and perform a set every minute on the minute for 6 mins