CFD workout for 04/28/20


CFD workout for 04/28/20

A) Warm Up:

6 minutes moving through the following movements SOWLY:

10 Squat Rotations (R/L=2)

-In a squat, reach one arm up to ceiling in  rotational movement, then switch-

5 Up dog into Down dog

10 Grasshoppers each leg

10 Inch Worms (no push-up)

10 Air Squats 

10 Reach Backs

B)Mobility (shoulders/wrists)

*10-15 Supinated Grip Passthroughs (band, pvc pipe, broomstick, large stick bug)

Floor Based Wrist Stretches: 2 Rounds Through

“Stay in each stretch for 3-5 deep breaths”

*Fingers forward + lean your shoulders over your fingers

*Back of the hand on the ground, fingers facing each other (rock side to side 10-12 times)

*Fingers pointed back towards you + lean back by pushing hips towards heels

*Wall Angels: 2×10 reps, rest :30 b/w sets

Move VERY SLOWLY on these and only go as high as you can while keeping elbows, triceps, and forearms on the wall.. prepare to be humbled

C) Gymnastics Core:

3-5 sets (8 min cap)

10 Hollow Snaps

10 Arch Ups

5 Hollow to arch Rolls

rest :30-:60 b/w sets

D) Conditioning:

7 Min Ascending Ladder

2 DBL DB Power Clean

2 DBL DB Thruster

30 Double Unders

4 DBL DB Power Clean

4 DBL DB Thruster

30 Double Under

*Increase DB reps by 2 each round. Jump rope stays constant at 30 rep

Rest 3:00

For Time (7 min Cap)

Start where you finished the first part and work back down to 2 reps of everything!