CFD workout for 04/29/20


CFD workout for 04/29/20

A) Warm Up:

2 rounds: Tabata Style

Jog in place

Alternating Lunges

Standing Forward Fold

Cossack Lunges

Hollow Lifts

B) Single Leg Strength:

Choose the single leg exercise that is most challenging, but do able for you today and do:

Every 3:00 x 3 mins

5-8 reps/side of Single Leg Exercise Choice

5-8 reps/side Cone Touches (move slow and with all of the control on these)

Choose between:

*Shrimp Squat

*Reverse Lunge

*Split Squat

C) Jump Rope:

9 Mins to Finish the following:

50 Singles

50 Single Leg Singles (25 each leg)

50 Reverse Singles

50 Criss Cross reps

50 Double Unders (if you have them)

*Jump rope wizard and done in under 4 mins? Do it again!

D) Conditioning:


Run 200

20 Pistol (sub Cossack Squat, or pistols to a chair)

10 Bent Over Row