CFD Workout for 05/06/20


CFD Workout for 05/06/20

Warm Up:

2 Rounds, Tabata style

(:20 seconds on :10 seconds off)

High Knees

Arm Swings Across/Up and Down

Prisoner Squats

Strict Press

Calf Raises

Handstand Pushup/Pike Pushup:

EMOTM x 6 Mins

3-10 Strict HSPU or Pike Pushups

Core Work: Planks

Tabata Plank Series:

3 sets

:20 Middle Plank

:10 rest

:20 (R)Side Plank

:10 rest

:20 (L) Side Plank

rest :30 secs b/w rounds:


Lil’ Nancy with the Big Guns

4 Rounds for Time (20 min Cap)

Run 400m

20 Pushups

*Feel free to scale up to 30 pushups/round if you got it like that