CFD Workout for 05/08/20


CFD Workout for 05/08/20

Warm Up:

1 round:

:30 seconds jogs in place

:15 seconds of high knees

:15 seconds of butt kickers

Ministry of silly walks:

(Shoes off)

10 steps on heels (toes up)

10 steps on toes

10 steps on inside of feer

10 steps on outside

Forrest Gump Training:

Every 3:00 x 4 sets (12 Mins)

Run 200M AFAP

Lower Body Mobility:

Couch Strech x :90 each leg

Pigeon x :90 each leg

Half Happy Baby x :30 each leg

Saddle x :30

Standing forward fold x 1:00

Lacrosse Ball to feet x 1:00 each foot

Conditioning (12 Min Cap)


Kettlebell Swings