CFD workout for 05/16/20


CFD workout for 05/16/20

Warm Up:

1 Round
30 Walk the Dog Steps
10 Cat/Cow
:20 Standing Quad Stretch (each leg)

Spend 3-5 minutes trying pistol scaling options
-Shrimp Squat
-Post Assisted Pistols
-Single Leg Descent, Double Leg Ascent
-Single Leg Squat to Box
-Cossack Squat


4 Rounds: Complete 4 rounds of the snatches and pistols, you may run more than two times per person.

Partner 1:
400m Run

Partner 2:
20 Alternating Snatches
20 Pistols or single leg squat to box

Partner 1 picks up where partner 2 left off on the snatch/pistol piece.