CFD workout for 11/21/2020


CFD workout for 11/21/2020


Partner A:  

10 Good mornings

10 alternating lunges

Partner B:

Plank Hold (kneeling or full)

Switch, then

Partner A:

5 Tempo Push-ups (3030, kneeling or full)

10 air squats

Partner B:

Bottom of Squat hold

Partner Workout:

*Alternate Working minutes for the ENTIRE workout: Only 1 partner working at a time

EMOTM x 10 mins (5 sets each)

5 Front Squats



6 Deadlifts


6 Alt. Front Rack Lunge

*The front squats are a buy in each round. Each minute starts with 1 partner doing 5 front squats and then working through the AMRAP. Pick up where your partner leaves off

-Rest 3:00-

EMOTM x 8 (still 1 partner working at a time. 4 sets each)

15 KBS (American if you got em)

15 Deficit or P-Lette Pushups