Courage Fitness Durham Is Expanding


Courage Fitness Durham Is Expanding

The worst kept secret in Downtown Durham is no longer secret…


Beginning next week, we will be chopping down the wall that divides us with the yoga studio and taking on an additional 2000 square feet of training space!

Here’s a list of some of the equipment that we expect to be part of our expansion:

– A brand new, 34′ Pullup Cage from Rogue Fitness that will include 8 built in squat racks, smaller diameter pullup bars, pullup bar space for up to 40 athletes at once (bigger than this)

– Indoor Artificial Turf for sled pushes and sprints (see how it may look)

– Pendlay Barbell Kilogram Competition Weights (colorful and shiny)

– 3 Pendlay 20kg Bars (check it out)

– 1 Pendlay 15kg Bar (check it out)

– 6 Standard 45lb WOD bars

– Slam balls ranging from 15 to 30lbs (slam away here)

– Jerk Boxes for jerk training and other Olympic lifts (see them)

– 2 Rogue Yoke Racks (squat on them, carry them, push them – (check it out)

– Climbing Ropes

– New multi-height plyo boxes (like these)

– Climbing Peg Board (see one)

– Gibson Ring Trainers (see them)

– Atlas Stones (in action)

– Physician’s Scale (like this)

– Vertical Jump & Reach Board (how high can you go?)

Here are some of the things we are working to add in the near future to enhance your training and overall experience at CFD:

– 50′ of wall space for an expanded, permanent and enhanced Wall Ball and Handstand Pushup training area

– A dedicated Olympic Weightlifting/Strength Training area

– Additional cubbie holes and lobby/waiting area

– An Athlete Resource Center stocked with recipes and training information

– New PR and Goal Boards

– Martial arts training program

– Kettlebell classes

– Pilates and Yoga for Strength & Conditioningters classes

– On site Chiropractic Care

– Official launch of the Bull City Barbell Club

– Strength & Conditioning, Weightlifting, and Nutrition DVD seminar series

– Our very own, in house Strength & Conditioning Athlete Development System

We are very excited about all of the upcoming changes!  We appreciate your cooperation and patience over the next couple of weeks as things may get a bit messy and out of place. 

We are committed to providing our Community with the best training gym around! 
Thank you to all of our athletes for making this expansion possible!