Strength & Conditioning workout for 111819


Strength & Conditioning workout for 111819

Skill:Ring Dips

Conditioning :

Every 3:00 x 27 mins (3 rounds of each station)

-Row/Bike x 500/400m or 30/25 cal Bike

-Run 400 Meters

-15 Double Russian KBS + :30 Front Rack Hold

“No “Levels” today… choose distances and loads that allow you to finish around 2:00 without feeling like you are sprinting..this one is loooonnnnggg”

Strength: Dip/Pull Apart

3 Sets:

20 Band Pull Aparts

“Big Set” of Ring Dips (2/failure)

Rest 90 secs b/w sets

I’d like to see sets of 5+ on the ring dips.. if that isn’t there today scale to something that allows you to accrue between 8-20 reps each set

*Scales for Dips

Ring Pushups, Bar Dips, Pushups