Deep In The Hole


Deep In The Hole


(photo courtesy of Beatrice Yaxley Photography)


Our new 6 week programming cycle starts today.  You can view the template here

Click Here For Today’s Schedule

You may have noticed a little difference in how our WODs are being posted to the website each day.  That’s because we’ve begun using a new WOD Tracking application called WODTogetherAt the top of the WOD posting below, you’ll see a small “whiteboard” icon.  If you click there, you will be taken to our new online whiteboard to enter your WOD results.  We’ll be posting more info in the coming days about WODTogether, but in the meantime, click the whiteboard link, create an account, download the app for your iPhone or Android device, and start posting results!  We’ve also integrated the app to our FB page ( & ConditioningDurham/app_160992527297120).

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!