2 Minutes of Heaven


2 Minutes of Heaven

AMAZING performances from everyone who competed in the Strength & Conditioning Total yesterday!

We saw FOUR women Deadlift 300lbs, FIVE men Deadlift 500lbs+ and SIX 1000lb Totals from the guys, including TWO over 1100lbs!

Best Pound For Pound Male – Coach Ryan
Best Pound For Pound Female – Ami Overton

Other Mens’ Highlights:
Best Deadlift – Corey Gibson – 535lbs
Best Squat – Ryan Brown – 430lbs
Best Press – Stew Peters – 220lbs
Chad Sanders – 980lb Total
Trent Tallent – 970lb Total

Other Womens’ Highlights:
Best Squat – Ami Overton – 255lbs
Best Press – Katie Paul – 103lbs

Men’s Results

Women’s Results

Pics will be posted soon

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You may have noticed a little difference in how our WODs are being posted to the website each day.  That’s because we’ve begun using a new WOD Tracking application called WODTogetherAt the top of the WOD posting below, you’ll see a small “whiteboard” icon.  If you click there, you will be taken to our new online whiteboard to enter your WOD results.  We’ll be posting more info in the coming days about WODTogether, but in the meantime, click the whiteboard link, create an account, download the app for your iPhone or Android device, and start posting results!  We’ve also integrated the app to our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Strength & ConditioningDurham/app_160992527297120).

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