Enter Sandman


Enter Sandman

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WOD for Tuesday 092011Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Handstand Pushups
5 sets of Max Reps OR 5 holds for Max Time
5 Rounds For Time:
35 Double Unders
Run 200m

Post Handstand Reps/Time and Metcon Time to Comments
For the strength segment, add weight to the bar each set working up to your heaviest Deadlift for the day.  Lower all reps to the floor. 

For the conditioning workout, note that it is 16 Power Cleans.  For the 600m, run the 800m loop but run down Rigsbee St. instead of up to Madison).  This is event #1 for the upcoming Garage Games New England.

Mariano Rivera, the greatest reliever in baseball history.  In Strength & Conditioning we celebrate “virtuosity”, doing the common, uncommonly well.  1 pitch, 602 saves and counting, 5 World Series Rings…VIRTUOSITY.