Far Out Wide


Far Out Wide

Strength & Conditioning For Hope Workout 

Saturday, June 9th from 9-11am! 

Everyone is welcome to participate. 

You can learn more about the event and fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital here.

WOD for Thursday 052412Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Bench Press – Wide Grip
Establish 1RM for the day
8 Rounds For Time:
10 Ball Slams (30/20)
5 Deadhang Chinups
3 Broad Jumps

50 Band Pull Aparts

Post Bench Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the Bench Press, take 12-15 minutes to warm up and set a 1RM for the day.  You should work up to the heaviest weight that you know you can get, which is probably more like 98% of your true 1RM.  Do your best to NOT fail on any reps.  It’s ok to leave something in the tank for next time.  Set your grip width by placing your pinkies on the outside line in the bar. 

For the conditioning workout, use an underhand OR neutral grip for the chinups.  If you want to scale up add a weight belt.

Finish your day with 50 band “pull aparts”.  Break up in 2-4 sets as necessary.

There is NO ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight.  If you regularly attend, please make sure you take a minute to answer this poll on Facebook about Endurance scheduling. 

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule
Saturday – Regular schedule
Sunday – Regular schedule
Monday – 9am and 10am (open to everyone)

Welcome to CFD to the crew from the new Lululemon store at Southpoint Mall!