Fight Gone Batty


Fight Gone Batty

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That’s how much time you have left to register for the 2013 Reebok Strength & Conditioning Open!

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WOD for Wednesday 030613 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
Burgener Warmup – 3-5 Rounds (video)

Jump Rope
1 minute – Single Unders
4 minutes – Tabata Double Unders

5 singles @65% 1RM
5 singles @70%
5 single @75%

“Fight Gone Bad”
Complete three rounds of 1 minute at each station. Rest 1 minute between

Wall Ball (20/14)
KB High Pulls (70/52)
Box Jumps (20”)
Push Press (75/55)
Row for Calories

Post Snatch Loads and Workout Reps Completed to Comments
For the skill work, we will get in a quick bout of tabata Double Unders.  Can’t practice these too much!  Note that there is a warmup to complete BEFORE class begins today.  See the video if you need a refresher on the Burgener Warmup.

For the strength segment, follow the reps and % progression up to 75% 1RM Snatches.  These are relatively light so rest no more than 1 minute between attempts. 

The conditioning workout is a Strength & Conditioning classic.  Since we’ll likely have more than 5 people in any class, we will have everyone started at different stations.  The 1 minute rest will come after 5 minutes for everyone regardless of which station they began.  See the video below for a demo on the 2-handed KB high pull.

Kettlebell High Pulls – a sub for Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

Running and Endurance Workshop on Saturday, March 16th

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