Hang ‘Em High


Hang ‘Em High

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WOD for Tuesday 030513 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Deadhang Pullups
Test for 1 set max (no more than 3 attempts)

Bench Press
5 reps @45%
5 reps @55%
3 reps @65%
5 sets of 4 reps @75%

5 rounds of
2 minute AMRAP:
50 Double-Unders
Max Effort Abmat Situps
1 minute Rest

Post Back Squat Loads and Workout Loads with Burpees Completed to Comments
For the skill work, after a short group warmup, you will establish a max set of Deadhang Pullups.  Take no more than three attempts to do it.

For the strength segment, follow the reps and % progression up to 90% and then take 2-3 attempts at a 1RM.  Failing is ok, but know your capacity and don’t be stupid. 

For the conditioning workout, in 2 minutes perform 50 Double Unders and then as many Abmat situps as possible in the remaining time.  Rest 1 minute and perform 5 total rounds.  Sub 25 parallette jumps if you don’t have Double Unders at all, but if you have intermittent DUs then go for attempts.

Bench Press Setup with Mark Rippetoe

Running and Endurance Workshop on Saturday, March 16th

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