How We Help You

As a member at CFD, you will be treated as an individual. You will not get quick fixes, gimmicks, or false promises here. Your discovery call and coaching consultation establish where you want to go. Your assessment confirms your starting point. Then, we help you figure out exactly what you need to get there.

Our coaching process meets you where you are, with individualized exercise sessions designed for you to succeed…regardless of where your starting point is. You will be surrounded by professional coaches and members who value hard work, healthy lifestyles, real solutions, and, ultimately, display the courage to make it all happen.

Your coaching team has the experience to keep you safe and the tenacity to push you to expand your limits and ensure you get the best results you possibly can. You will develop a practical fitness that improves your life outside of the gym in every way.

An Individualized Approach

Private Sessions

The launch point of your training with us after you have completed your comprehensive assessment. This is your fully customized program delivered 1 on 1 and face to face with your coach. You will work together to develop the confidence and competence you need to move on to the next phase in your journey.


Individual Program Design

You have established a level of autonomy and competence in basic movements. Your coach will progress your exercise with individually designed sessions to complete alongside group sessions, or in lieu of them entirely, based on your specific goals and unique needs. Delivered through an easy to use app, you will complete this work on your own terms and have your coach guiding you along the way through daily feedback and regular check ins.


Nutrition & Lifestyle

Good food and healthy habits are the foundation of any good lifestyle program, as well as the gateway to optimum health.  This is where we help you lay the strong foundation that you can use for the rest of your life.  Your coach will provide the necessary guidance and create the path to reaching your specific goals.


Personalized Group Workouts


A total body workout designed to help you reclaim, maintain, and enhance your physical freedoms using our unique belief and application of fitness.  Workouts change day to day, include use of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, and traditional “cardio” equipment.  Build strength, increase flexibility, and increase your overall conditioning. Workouts can be tailored each day to your specific, individual long term goals.



Our resistance training only workouts using barbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight. We use movement tempo, changing volumes, and basic linear progression to improve your strength, muscle endurance, and overall body composition. Training cycles are built in 6-8 week blocks, and can be customized based on your individual needs and goals.


Courage Kids

A great way for kids 12 and under to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits. We provide a safe and fun environment that guarantees success for all ability and experience levels. We teach our kids the value of good movement, hard work, and healthy living.


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