Hang Out To Dry


Hang Out To Dry

Martial Arts Grand Master, Ron Van Clief, is coming to CFD for a Self Defense Seminar THIS SATURDAY!

Don’t miss out!  Click here for more info


WOD for Tuesday 070312Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Hang Snatch
12-15 reps up to 80% 1RM
3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
15 Power Cleans (115/80)
15 Ring Dips

Post Hang Snatch Loads and Rounds Completed To Comments
For the Hang Snatch, work up to a relatively heavy load (around 80% 1RM) over 12-15 total reps.  This is more for technique than for PRs.  In fact, you should not be missing many reps due to heavy load.  Work technique from a hang position and receive the bar in a full overhead squat and “grease the groove.”  Rest roughly 1 minute between attempts.  If you do happen to get a PR, make sure you post it on the PR Board!

For the conditioning workout, take your Power Clean from the floor and make sure you hit a good, solid rack position each rep.  Instead of ring dips, do your dips on the bars or parallettes. 

Klokov Snatch Attempt from the Blocks