It’s Not Helen


It’s Not Helen

Check out this great Saturday morning running AND Yoga event 

from our friends at Lululemon – Click here

WOD for Saturday 092212Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Handstand Pushups
5 reps on the minute for 12 minutes
4 Rounds:  
Run 200m
21 KB Swings (52/35)
12 Push Press (115/75)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Post Workout Time for EACH Round to Comments
For the skill segment, determine your appropriate scale for Handstand Pushups and perform 5 reps on the minute for 12 minutes.  These should be executed with FULL ROM.

For the conditioning workout, complete each round as fast as possible and record the time for each round separately.  KB Swings are American (ie, overhead) and the Push Press (not Jerk) is taken from the ground to begin each set.

COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am!  Bring your friends!

OPEN GYM today from 9am – 11:45am in the “green” room!

Handstand Pushups Tutorial

We’re hosting a fundraiser for the APS of Durham on Sunday, September 30th.

Check out the details here