Just One At A Time


Just One At A Time

NC Race For The Triangle — TEAM MELINDA!

WOD for Tuesday 053111Click Here For Today’s Schedule
7 Rounds For Time:
35 Double Unders
1 Full Snatch (80% 1RM)

Post Snatch Loads and Metcon Time and Total of Completed Snatches to  Comments
For the strength segment, perform full Snatches adding weight to the bar after the first couple of reps and then completing 6 single rep attempts at the same load.  Focus on good form and technique, not necessarily max effort today.

For the Metcon, do 35 Double Unders and then 1 Snatch at approx 80% 1RM.  The Snatch load should be heavy enough that you have to really focus but not so heavy that you miss attempts.  You only get 1 snatch attempt each round.  If you miss it, move on to the next round.

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Kendrick Farris – Snatch in Slo-motion!

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