Overhead Anyway Possible


Overhead Anyway Possible

NC Race For The Triangle — TEAM MELINDA!

WOD for Wednesday 00111Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Barbell Thrusters
For Time:
40 Reps of Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)
You may press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk. The barbell starts on the floor. You may not use a rack. Every time you dump the weight, you must do 6 lateral jump Burpees (jump over your barbell at the end of each Burpee).

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For the strength segment, perform Barbell Thrusters adding weight to the bar each set until your heaviest set of two.

For the Metcon, take the bar from the floor and get it overhead any way you choose.  Use a load approx 60% 1RM of your Jerk.
ENDURANCE WOD this morning at 6:15am with Coach Paul!

Run 45 sec out and 45 sec back
5 tire flips
Rest 90 sec
Run 45 sec out and 45 sec back
10 tire “box” jumps
Rest 90 sec
Repeat 4x for 8 total rounds

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