Paul Krellwitz


Paul Krellwitz

PK-profile-226x300Member Since May 2011

When did you start Strength & Conditioning? 
Started with Bootcamp in May 2011.  I started Foundations and regular workouts in September of 2011.

What has been your favorite workout so far? 
Fight Gone Bad 6. It’s the first one I’ve done, but it was awesome and I really like what it represents-working hard all in support of our troops.

How would you describe your previous athletic background before Strength & Conditioning? 
I played soccer and swam, in high school, but then did very little for about 20 years. Before Strength & Conditioning I was running a little and trying to work out on my own, but then my brother told me about Strength & Conditioning and I decided to give it a try.

What made you want to give Strength & Conditioning a try? 
I realized I had gotten grossly out of shape, and made the choice to get healthy. A turning point for me was when I went to pick up my young daughter and threw my back out. Then I noticed I had to catch my breath between tying my shoes. That’s when I knew something had to change.

What impact has Strength & Conditioning had on your life?
It has improved the quality of my life. Now I am fitter, stronger, have more energy, dropped 30lbs and 3 pants sizes, and my body composition has drastically changed. Now I’m able to actually keep up with my two kids!


It’s important to me that my children lead active and healthy lives. Whether they pursue Strength & Conditioning, baseball, dance, or tennis; I want them to find something they enjoy doing and stay active. The only way I can instill those values in them is to live by example. Wanting a healthy life for them helps me stay motivated to be active myself, so they will see how much fuller a healthy life can be.

In one word, what does Courage Fitness Durham mean to you?
Community. People here have given me so much, they are generous and encouraging and always ready to teach and offer guidance. Like many people, when I first started, I was a little intimidated, but everyone here just embraced me and made me feel welcome. I’ve learned so much about fitness, movements, and about my own abilities. I have found mentors in my coaches, and friends in my fellow athletes.

How would you describe Strength & Conditioning to someone that had never heard of it before? 
Recess gone wild. It’s just fun. Everything is new and challenging. Strength & Conditioning keeps me entertained, and keeps me coming back.

What is your Strength & Conditioning nemesis?
The Snatch. And pullups.

What is your favorite movement?
Ball slams. They are so therapeutic!

What piece of advice would you offer to others thinking about starting Strength & Conditioning?
If I can do it-anyone can do it. Whatever your goals are-if I can get started-anyone can.