Programming Update July 2013


Programming Update July 2013

Today, Sunday, marks the end of our current 6-week programming cycle and a new one will begin tomorrow.  We have made a few adjustments for the upcoming 6-week cycle in an effort to keep your training well rounded, effective, and interesting!

Strength Work Updates:
– Strength work will include:  Back Squat, Wide Grip Bench Press, Overhead Squat, Snatch Grip Deadlift, Clean, and Push/Split Jerk. 

– We will continue to rotate some movements every 6 weeks.

Skill Work Updates:
– The focus of the Snatch work will be on pulling from the various start positions (1-3).

– The focus of the Clean work will be on the various Clean start positions (1-3) and putting the Clean and Jerk together. 

– Strict Toes To Bar work will replace Handstand and Handstand Pushups practice.

– Box Jump work (max height) will replace Pistols.

– Deadhang Pullups and Dip work will remain.

– We will continue to rotate skill work from cycle to cycle.

A couple other notes:
– Please limit your time to work on extra lifts or skills to the mornings before 12:30pm or the weekends.  We have specifically dedicated the first half of all Saturday/Sunday classes for this express purpose.

– If those alternative times don’t work for you, then please do your extra work on the racks and platforms in the back of the gym.  As always, regularly scheduled WODs, Barbell Club, and Bootcamps have priority on all space and equipment.  Please don’t put your fellow athletes, or the Coaches, in a position of having to ask you to move.

– Keep in mind that after your workout is over, particularly in the evenings and on weekends, there is another group getting started.  Try to keep your conversations to a minimum and your voices low so that your fellow athletes can hear the Coaches!

Click here to view the next 6 week template of our upcoming skill and strength cycle.  You will also see the time domains for each day’s conditioning workouts.  By posting, we hope to help you with planning your training days in advance.

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If you have questions, please post them here so everyone can be part of the discussion!