Raising Hams


Raising Hams

CFD is going to see the Durham Bulls Game on Saturday, August 24th, 7:05pm!

If you’d like to come along, tickets are $16.  Email [email protected]

WOD for Monday 070813 –  Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Warmup (to be completed on your own BEFORE class starts):
4 Rounds of Burgener Warmup – – (see video)

5 Rounds:
1st Position Snatch
2nd Position Snatch
Snatch (from the floor)
Rest 1 min between Rounds
Use 50% of Snatch 1RM

Back Squat
5 reps @50%
5 reps @65%
3 reps @80%
2 reps @90%
Establish 1RM (no more than 3 attempts)

3 Rounds Not For Time, but good reps:
6 modified Glute-Ham Raises (see video below)
Max Effort L-Sit Holds

Finish with 100 Banded Good Mornings (one set)

Post Back Squat Loads to Comments
Complete the Burgener Warmup for 4 rounds BEFORE class begins – first round with PVC, 2nd with training bar, 3rd and 4th with women’s bar (guy’s should do a 4th with a 45lb bar). For the skill segment, perform 5 rounds untimed of the three movements with a one minute rest between rounds.  Work at 50% 1RM if it is within your capacity.  These are light and for technique.  You should not be missing reps.  All reps are received in a full overhead squat.

For the strength segment, you will establish a 1RM Back Squat for the day.  Follow the reps and % progression up to 90% and then take 2-3 attempts at a 1RM.  Also, you should be working with at least one other person at your station and make sure you have a spotter, two ideally, for all max attempts.  There should be NO DUMPING of attempts…use your spotters! Make sure you ring the Cowbell and write your PRs on the board too!

The conditioning workout is not for time today.  See the video below for how to perform the modified Glute Ham Raises with a partner.  You can scale these down by doing only positives, only negatives, and/or using your hand to lower yourself (like a pushup).  Follow each set immediately with a max effort L-Sit Hold.  Rx is done with legs straight out while holding parallettes.  Scale as needed (one leg at a time, use rings, knees up, etc). 

After you’ve finished all three rounds, perform 100 banded good mornings.  Attach one end of the band to the bottom of the pullup rig and the other around your shoulders.  You can also stand with one end of the band under your feet and the other around your shoulders.  These will be a bit easier.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Modified Glute Ham Raises

Banded Good Mornings