Programming Update


Programming Update

Beginning Monday, March 4th, we will be making some adjustments to our overall daily programming. Our goal is to fill in some holes in our overall program, provide our athletes with an opportunity to make up for missed training times, and help the Coaches get more out of each and every athlete every class.  Many of these adjustments have come directly from feedback from all of you and our Coaches have been and will be directly involved with planning workouts from day to day.

Here are the highlights:
– We will add pre-programmed “skill” work to classes M-F either before or after the strength segment. These will focus on developing body weight strength (dips and pullups), double unders, and light, technique oriented Olympic work (snatch, clean, variations, assistance exercises).

– Every Saturday and Sunday, there will be 20-30 minutes pre-WOD for athletes to make up any strength work they missed during the week. If there isn’t a strength day to make up, you probably need to go home cuz that means you haven’t had a day off yet 🙂 This is NOT open gym time for a WOD.

– Saturday and Sunday, the WODs will be endurance oriented (20+ minutes) along with partner and team workouts.

– During the week, we will have relatively set time domains for each WOD to match the day’s skill and strength work. We will be giving RX loads (as usual), but also scaling percentages to help athletes maximize their intensity and work output. WODs will also have a target time and a cutoff time. We want to work to get everyone scaling appropriately (both up and down).

Click here to view the 6 week template of our upcoming skill and strength cycle.  We hope that by posting, we can help some of you with planning your training days in advance.

If you have questions, please post them here so everyone can be part of the discussion!