Regularly Learn And Play New Sports


Regularly Learn And Play New Sports

CFD Field Day TODAY from 11am-2pm!

Volleyball, badminton, kickball, frisbee! 

Bring the family, a picnic lunch, and come have fun!

WOD for Saturday 061612Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Overhead Squats
Establish 1RM
2 Rounds For Time:
15 Back Squat (225/155)
50 Double Unders
Row 500m

Turkish Situps
3 sets of 8 each side

Post Overhead Squat Loads and Workout Time To Comments
For the Overhead Squat take 12-15 minutes to warm up and set a 1RM for the day.  You should work up to the heaviest weight that you know you can get, which is probably more like 98% of your true 1RM.  Do your best to NOT fail on any reps.  It’s ok to leave something in the tank for next time. 

For the conditioning workout, you can definitely do the Back Squats out of a rack.  Sub Parallette Jumps for Double Unders.

Finish with 3 sets of 8 rep Turkish Situps on each arm.

COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am!  Bring your friends!

OPEN GYM today from 11-1:30pm!  (11-12pm in the “green” room.  12-1:30 in the “main” room)