Throw and Pull


Throw and Pull

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Bench Press

Warmup:  Perform 5 reps @40% and 50%, 3 reps @60% “working 1RM”
Work Sets:  Perform 5 reps @75%, 3 reps @85%, max reps @95% “working 1RM”

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Wall Ball (20/12)
10 Pullups

Post Bench Press Loads Number of Rounds Completed to Comments
For the strength segment,  we are starting Week #3 of the Wendler 5-3-1 Program (more details here).  “Working 1RM” is defined as 90% of your current 1RM.  If you are not sure of your current 1RM talk to your Coaches and they’ll help you determine it.  Note:  1st work set is 5 reps, 2nd is 3 reps, and final work set is for “max reps”.  However, you should not be going to absolute failure on this last set.

For the Metcon, scale pullups as necessary.

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