Thrusterin, Thrusterin


Thrusterin, Thrusterin

CFD is going to see the Durham Bulls on May 19th!  

Hope you can join us. Click here for more info

WOD for Friday 041312Click Here For Today’s Schedule
9-6-3 Reps For Time:
Thruster (165/115)
Muscle Ups

Post Clean Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, work up to a heavy set of 3 Cleans.  These do not need to be “touch and go” off the ground.  Reset each rep and make sure you’re in the best setup position possible.  All reps should be received in a full front squat.  You can start in one of the hang positions if you’re not yet comfortable working from the floor, but receive the bar in a full front squat.

For the conditioning workout, scale Thruster load as necessary, but note that it should be a VERY heavy thruster for you…it’s only 18 reps total.  Sub jumping MUs or banded MUs.  This should not become a 20 minute workout!

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-7:45pm!  Make up a missed workout or work on some skills!