Tiger Chase


Tiger Chase

The 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Couples Throwdown returns Saturday! 

Time is running out to sign up!  More info

WOD for Monday 020612Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Overhead Squat
For Time:
40 Back Squat (1x bodyweight)
Run 800m

Post Overhead Squat Loads and Workout Time to Comments
For the strength segment, add weight to the bar each set working up to the heaviest single rep for the day.  You should complete 2-3 warmup sets before your first set of 3 to make sure your wrists and shoulders are thoroughly warmed up.

For the conditioning workout, scale the Back Squat load to 40% 1RM if bodyweight is too heavy.  Run the 800m like you’re being chased by a hungry tiger.

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Kelly Starrett on Overhead Position Preparation! (he’s talking about a DB Snatch, but the similarities to OHS are clear)