To The Nines


To The Nines

Welcome Living Social Voucher Holders! 

Workouts are by appointment only.

Please make sure you email us to arrange for your visits.

WOD for Saturday 080412Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Hang Snatch
12-15 reps at 80% 1RM
AMRAP in 9 minutes:
3 Power Clean (135/95)
6 Box Jumps (24/20)
25 Double Unders

Post Hang Snatch Loads and Workout Rounds to Comments
For the Hang Snatch, work up to a relatively heavy load (around 80% 1RM) over 12-15 total reps.  This is more for technique than for PRs.  In fact, you should not be missing many reps due to heavy load.  Work technique from a hang position and receive the bar in a full overhead squat and “grease the groove.”  Rest roughly 1 minute between attempts.  If you do happen to get a PR, make sure you post it on the PR Board!

For the conditioning workout, you should be able to complete each round of PCs unbroken.  Sub parallette jumps for DUs.

COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am!  Bring your friends and lots of water!

OPEN GYM today from 11-1:30!  (Note: 11-12 in the green room.  12-1:30 in the main room)

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