WOD for 040619


WOD for 040619

With a Partner!!

Against (15)-mins…For Time!

30 OHS 

200m Double KB FR Carry (Trade 100m)

10 Muscle-ups 

200m KB FR Carry (Trade 100m) 

30 OHS 

L1: 155/105, 70/52, Ring Muscle-Ups 

L2: 115/85, 52/35, Ring or Bar Muscle-Ups 

L3: 75/55, 35/25, 20 Jumping CTB

L4: Goblet Squats, 25/20, 20 Ring Rows 

(Rest 3-mins)

Trading Minutes-For (10)-mins… Get as far as you can

20 Double Unders 

15-12-9-6-3 Clean and Jerks

*Before you can get to your C&J ladder, athlete must do a DU Buy-in-when it is your minute/turn

L1: 155/105, Double Unders

L2: 135/95,Double Unders 

L3: 95/65, 1/2 Att. (+) 1/2 Singles 

L4: DB C&J, Singles 

(Rest 3-mins)

Within (6)-mins.. Be the first to Accumulate 100 Push-ups 

How it works? 

Partner 1: Will go until failure trying to get as many Push-ups as possible

P1: ONCE AT FAILURE-100m Sprint

Partner 2: Will pick up where Partner 1 left off trying to get to 100 (once P1 returns from 100m)


*Continue until team ACCUMULATES 100 Push-ups 

*Push-up Rules: Once you stop- run 100m. 

*Once your team hits 100-You are done-Look at Time!