WOD for 062716


WOD for 062716

Segment 1:

30 Snatches (135/95)

Segment 2:
5×1 Snatch Pulls
Climbing as heavy as possible

Segment 3:
3×2 Back Squat
Same weight across around 90% 1RM

1600m, rest 4 mins
1200m, rest 3 mins
800m, rest 2 mins
400m, rest 1 min
For every interval you will alternate running 200m fast and 200m recovery. For example, an athlete that has a PR of a 6 min mile should start this session by running 200m at about 42 seconds, then recovery jog for 200m. She would continue this for 4 rounds until the 1600m were complete. All fast 200’s and recovery 200’s should be the same pace across the entire workout.