WOD for 072419


WOD for 072419

Strength: Upper Body Gainz

8-min EMOM 

Station 1: Challenging # of Chin-ups (Underhand) 

Station 2: 0:45 Weighted Russian Twists 

Strict Press: 

3 x 8 with a 0:03 Descent 

*Feel free to climb in weight*

*Be sure to stick to the 0:03 down* 

(Rest 1-2 mins between Working SETS) 

(10 Minutes for strict press)


With a Partner! Within (15)-mins… 

3 Rounds:

Row 800/600 Meters (Split in half)

10/each Single Arm DB Push Press  (I do 10, you do 10, then switch arms) (AHAP)

1:00 Plank (both, same time)

Comp: 1,000/750m row, Ring Plank

Fitness: 800/600m row, Plank 

GPP: 800/600m row, :30-:60 plank

Health: 600/500,m row, :30-:60 plank