WOD for 080519


WOD for 080519

Skill: Dip and Drive

Strength: Strict Press + Push Press (12 Mins)
Strict Press
3×3 building to a tough set of 3

Rest 60-90 b/w sets

Push Press:
3×8-12 @ heaviest set of Strict Press
Rest 60-90 secs b/w sets

Metcon: Rowing Intervals (15 Mins)
2x 1,000/750m
Rest 1:1 or get a partner!
Keep paces repeatable!! Goal is to have both efforts be within 3 secs of each other

Cash Out: Boulder Shoulders
2-3 sets:
15 Lateral DB Raises
15 Front DB Raises
15 DB Strict Press
*Choose a weight you can do all 45 reps with unbroken… 5-10’s are gonna be the most popular weights today