WOD for 090718


WOD for 090718

Successory Work:

Every 60-seconds for 12 Rounds (3 Rounds of each station)

1)8 (Per Leg) Single Leg Glute Bridge Raises

2)8 Barbell Goodmornings

3) 8 Strict Pull-ups

4)8 (Total) FR Reverse Lunges


Skill Second: In prep for the METCON

Power Clean Technique



3 Rounds: (4:00 Work/2:00 Rest)

400m Run

50 DUs

Remaining Time: Power Cleans for Load(Weight can be pre-loaded)


*Barbell Weight Must Increase each round..


Score= Sum of your Heaviest Power Cleans across the rounds

2-min REST B/W Rounds


L1: 400m,75 DUs

L2: 400m Run, 50 DUs

L3: 300m Run, 1/2 att. (+) 1/2 Singles

L4: 200m Run, 50 Singles