WOD for 091219


WOD for 091219

Review the Moves


Functional Body Building (15 Min)

4 Sets:

8 each side Half Kneeling DB Press

8 each DB High Pull (same weight as Press)

8-12 Tempo Ring Rows (3131 Tempo)

10-15 Barbell Bicep Curls

Rest 90 secs between sets


EMOTM x 12 Mins

1)Max Rep SA DB Floor Press (R arm)

2) 10-15 Pullups

3)Max Rep SA DB Floor Press (L arm)

4) Max Reps Double Unders

Go as heavy as you can for the Floor Press.

Goal is to be able to get 12-15 Floor Press on each minute

-Score is total number of Floor press and double unders scored seperately

Comp: Chest 2 Bar, Triple Unders
Fitness: Kipping Pullups, Double Unders
GPP: Jumping Chest 2 Bar, Jump Rope Singles
Health: Jumping Pullups, Jump Rope singles or Plate Jumps