April Kool-Aid Club-2020


April Kool-Aid Club-2020

Congratulations to our April CFD Kool Aid Clubbers!  This month, we celebrate Albert Ulak as our Kool-Aid champion with 25 check-ins!

Our athletes checked in for 790 classes last month!

Pflum, Samantha 
Piatt, Leah
Rao, Julia 
Pache, Nathaniel 
Schafran, Sarah
Gitsis, Isana 
Briskey, Andrew
Jones, Jamie
Callaway, Stephanie 
Mosier, Erin 
Halpern, Miranda
Brenner, Seth 
Hart, Lea
Foster, Margaret 
Spears, Tracy
Steinmeyer, Martin 
Shurgin, Amanda 
Coronado, Eduardo
Culver, Nicole 
Daniels, Risa 
Reed, Shannon 
Salomon, Brian 
Tomblin, Meredith 
Armstrong, Michele
Baxter, Jason 
Cid del Prado, Rebekah
Lucas, Jana 
Krellwitz, Paul 
Singer, Hannah 
Taylor, Chandra 
Ulak, Albert 

This list is generated directly from our daily class check-ins.  If you think you should be on this list and you aren’t, e-mail Dave ([email protected]) and we’ll figure it out.