CFD workout for 05/02/2020


CFD workout for 05/02/2020

A) Warm Up:

2 Rounds:

Jog 200 Meters

10 Cobra Twists

10 Arm Circles forward

10 Arm Circles Back

:20 Plank Hold (straight arms)


Perform with a partner and split reps as desired or rock this solo at 50 reps of everything!

For time.. but move a little slower to preserve quality (and pump)!

100 DB Step Ups

100 Incline Bodyweight Pushups

100 DB Single Arm Bent Over Rows

100 Single Arm Push Press

100 Single DB or KB Bicep Curls

100 Single DB or KB Skull Crushers

100 Hanging Knee Raises or Reverse Crunches