CFD workout for 04/30/20


CFD workout for 04/30/20

A) Warm Up:

1 Round

20 Hands behind head Goodmornings 

20 Russian Twists 

10 Twisted Crosses Face Up

5 Shoulder Tap Push-ups on Knees

20 Ice Skaters 

10 Alternating Lunges in a Plank 

B) L-Sit Progression (Wk 1.) (10 mins)

V-Sit Holds- Make sure to watch the video!!

4 x :20-:30

rest :60

*You need to scale this so that you can work the longer duration here. Notice in the video that he is leaning back quite a bit to start. You can start with the knees tucked into your chest if you need to in order to get at least 20 secs of work each set

C) Mobility (10 mins)

“Shin Box Hip Flow”

6 alt. rotations through the following sequence:

-All done in the 90/90 hip position-

Hands on ground behind back

Hands off the floor

Hands off the floor + Hip Extension

repeat entire sequence for 2 total sets


:90 each: (6 mins)



D) Conditioning:

7 Rounds for Time (20 Min Cap)

7 Floor Press (sub push ups, if no object)

7 90 degree jump squats

7 V-up

7 Good Morning

7 Lunge

7 Russian Twist

7 Dips (Box, Bench, Chair)