Get Up Or Get Out


Get Up Or Get Out

Info Session for the 2012 Look Better Naked Challenge – Sunday at noon!

WOD for Friday 010612Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Pick 1 or 2 movements and practice for 20-30 minutes
Turkish Get Ups
Max Reps in 10 minutes
Pick a doable load and stick with it

Post Gymnastics Movements and TGU Completed to Comments
For the skill segment, pick 1 or 2 gymnastics skills and practice for the session.

For the conditioning workout, pick a load you can handle and perform TGUs at a steady pace for ten minutes.  DO NOT RUSH.  The goal is to do as many solidly executed reps as possible.

OPEN GYM tonight from 7-7:45pm!  Make up a missed workout or work on your lifts. 

Jeff Martone on the 1st, and most important, part of the Turkish Get Up, the Turkish Sit Up