November Kool Aid Club


November Kool Aid Club


Congratulations to our November CFD Kool Aid Clubbers!

These athletes pushed their training above and beyond in the month of November.  Hard work and dedication always pays off!

Strength & Conditioning
JD Overton – 24 workouts
Jimmy Keegan – 22 workouts
Wes Milton – 19 workouts
Eddy Leal – 18 workouts
Katie Paul – 18 workouts
Lindsay Smithberger – 17 workouts
Katrina Williams – 17 workouts
Andrea Readhimer – 17 workouts
Laura Burkholder – 17 workouts
Allison Simpson – 16 workouts
Kayla Speidel – 16 workouts
Scott Ryan – 16 workouts
Rebekah Cid del Prado – 16 workouts

Cindy King – 12 workouts
Michael Newbauer – 12 workouts

16 visits or more gets you named to the Kool Aid Club each calendar month.  If you think you should have been on this list and aren’t, email Dave and we’ll figure it out.  Bootcampers and Barbell Clubbers are eligible for the Kool Aid Club with 12 visits for each.