Little Fighter


Little Fighter

You may not have noticed, or realized, but our last 7 week training cycle ending over the Thanksgiving Weekend. That means that this week is a bit of a weightlifting “deload”. Although with large group programming, we are never really able to do a true deload. Everyone at CFD is on a different training schedule.

In preparation for the Strength & Conditioning Total this Saturday, which hopefully you are signed up to participate in, we are limiting the amount of heavy, progressive strength training this week, although you will see some. Fear not, heavy lifting will be on the menu for Saturday and beyond as we head into the New Year!


Will you help us help the folks at Genesis Home this holiday season?  Drop off “Items of Urgent Need” in the Barrel of Joy by our front door between now and December 10th!  barrels of joy genesis

Most needed items:

  • Bath towels (New ONLY)
  • Pillows (New ONLY)
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Bleach
  • Hand soap



Turkish Get Ups
EMOM 10 minutes:
1 rep each side as heavy as possible

“Goat WOD”

On the Minute for 20 minutes
Odd Minutes – AMRAP of Goat 1
Even Minutes – AMRAP of Goat 2
Pick your two biggest weaknesses as Goat 1 and 2
AMRAP each one alternating minutes