Time Trials


Time Trials

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Time Trials
You have one hour to complete each of the following for time:
Row 500m
Run 400m
100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
You can choose the order and rest as long as you like, but you must finish within an hour.

Post Time for Each Event to Comments
This is the first, but will not be the last time, we do Time Trials like this.  We will add the scores to our soon to be posted “Wall of Fame PR Board”.  Pullups are chin over the bar.  Pushups are chest to the deck.  And Situps are on the Abmat, unanchored, with soles of your feet together and knees out to the sides.


COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am with Coach Paul!

Painting is finished!  Demo on the wall up by the garage door should take place Monday, which will make room for our new “check in” area.  Wall cut out should began being framed in today and should be completed on Monday.  The new Pullup Rig is half assembled and the plan is to finish it this Sunday starting at 10…if you can lend a hand that’d be awesome!!  Thanks for your patience as we get everything done over the next couple of weeks!  If you find yourself using the big room by the restrooms until the new space is finished please go on the far side of the room so you won’t be overtop the yoga studio downstairs.  Also, please do not use rowers, kettlebells, or do box jumps in the big room at all on any side.

Chris Spealler, CF All-Star, does 100+ pullups in 1:36…unbroken