Strength & Conditioning Workout for 110619


Strength & Conditioning Workout for 110619

All Strength Day!

Chinups/Russian Twists/Hollow Holds

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets:

3-6 strict Chinups with a 3 sec negative (scale to just negatives)

20-30 russian twists with a DB or medball

:10-:20 Hollow Hold

Bent Over Row (10 Minutes to Complete)

Do this with a partner! You go I Go Style

8 sets of 8 Reps with a 3 sec lower on each rep

-When you finish a set your partner immediately picks the bar back up-

*Go light on these, they get real spice real quick!

*Guys try 75-95 lbs, girls aim for 55-75lbs

Keep the tempos and rest really strict! Don’t give yourself a ton of rest. We are purposely making this HARD!

Handstand Hold/Kipping Pullup

Every 2:00 x 4 sets:

:20 Handstand Hold

:30 of Pullup Practice (pick a small number to complete each set)

*Work on kip swings, kipping pullups, Chest 2 Bar, Muscle Ups etc… during the minute of practic

*HS Scales:

HS Walk, Wall facing, HS Hold, Ring Plank, Front Leaning Rest