Double Under Sammy


Double Under Sammy

Regular WOD Schedule Today, but no Endurance tonight

WOD for Friday 122812
BUY IN: 50 Double Unders
Then 5 rounds of:
10 Ball Slam
10 Parallette Jumps
Run 100m
CASH OUT: 50 Double Unders

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For today’s workout, perform 50 Double Unders at the start and end of the workout, with 5 rounds of the triplet in between.

Holiday Week Schedule
Friday – Regular schedule, no Endurance
Sat/Sun – Regular schedule
New Year’s Eve – 615, 715, 830, and 1130am WODs only
New Year’s Day – WOD at 10 and 11am

Barrier Jumps

Did you hear?  We’re hosting the 4th Annual Carolina Fitness Challenge on Saturday, January 12th!

We need volunteers!  If you’re able to help, please sign up for a time slot on the WOD Board at the gym.