Kool Aid Club – October 2016


Kool Aid Club – October 2016

halloween kool aid costume

Congratulations to our October CFD Kool Aid Clubbers! 

We will be making a donation of $160 to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs ($5/Kool Aid qualifier)! 

In November, we’ll be donating $5 for each Kool Aid Clubber to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC!

Athlete Total Visits
Ashby, Holly 24
Cid del Prado, Rebekah 22
Shurgin, Amanda 21
Newbauer, Michael 20
Teixeira, Gabriela 20
Pogarcic, Sandra 19
Ulak, Albert 19
Keegan, Jimmy 19
Martin, Anna 18
Amenta, Tom 18
Traina, Nicole 18
Keskiner, Itir 17
Miller, Melissa 17
Miller, Brent 17
Cocks, Brian 17
Luz, Tony 17
Raeihle, Phil 17
Young, Aaron 16
Gall, Amanda 16
Sou, Sarrynna 16
Crabtree, Gail 16
Mangano, Dino 16
Simpson, Allison 16
Miguel, Janet 14
Ouellette, Nate 14
McGroddy, Mike 13
Wood, Howard 13
Frew, Ryan 13
Kephart, Andrew 12
Greene, Sara 12
Nicholson, Mike 12
Iannello, Kelly 12

This list is generated directly from our daily class check ins.  If you think you should have been on this list and aren’t, email Dave and we’ll figure it out.  
16 visits or more gets you named to the Kool Aid Club each calendar month.  Bootcampers are eligible for the Kool Aid Club with 12 visits for each.