Shuttle Discovery


Shuttle Discovery

Caleb Ward is here TODAY! 

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WOD for Saturday 021812Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Five 300 yard shuttle sprints
*Rest 5 minutes between efforts
*300 yard shuttle runs are completed with (6) six 50 yard sprints. The objective is the change of direction; the ability to accelerate, decelerate into the turn, plant at the line and explode into a sprint.
*Between efforts work on hip, knee, and ankle mobility

Post Time for Each Shuttle to Comments
Today is all about SPRINTS!  Not everyone makes it out for our Endurance Workouts, but today everyone sprints!  Do not cherry pick this WOD and avoid it.  You need to do some hard sprints and this is your chance. 

MOBILITY WORKOUT and COMMUNITY WORKOUT today at 11am!  PILATES today at noon!

Caleb Ward is here TODAY!  Don’t miss the chance to train with this guy!