Snatchin’ And Stealin’


Snatchin’ And Stealin’

WOD for Monday 110412Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Establish 1RM
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
5 Push Press (65% bodyweight)
10 Pushups
15 Double Unders

Post Snatch Loads and Workout Rounds to Comments
For the Snatch, take 20-25 minutes to warm up and set a 1RM for the day.  You should work up to the heaviest weight that you know you can get, which is probably more like 98% of your true 1RM.  It is not necessary to work to failure.  It’s ok to leave something in the tank for next time. Don’t forget to put your PRs up on the PR BOARD!

For the conditioning workout, set the Push Press load based on 65% of your bodyweight.  Sub parallette jumps for double unders.   

ENDURANCE WORKOUT tonight at 6pm!

Snatch Tips in Slow Motion