Band Aided


Band Aided

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WOD for Sunday 071512Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Deadlift (65% 1RM)
12 sets of 2 reps w/60 seconds rest between
5 Rounds For Time:
5 Deadlift (80% 1RM)
10 Toes To Bar

Banded KB Swings
100 Reps

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The goal is to move the weight as quickly as possible for each attempt.  There should be no “grinding” of any reps.  If you cannot perform all of your reps at this speed then you need to use a lighter load…regardless of whether you’re at 65% or not. 

For the conditioning workout, use a Deadlift load of 80% 1RM.  You can also try this with Sumo Deadlifts, just watch out you don’t drop the bar on your feet.  Scale Toes to Bar to Knees to Elbows.

For the finisher, grab a medium sized KB and perform 100 total swings with a band wrapped around.  These are short, powerful swings and do not need to be more than chest height. 

OPEN GYM today from 10-12 in the green room!

Louie Simmons on Deadlift Teachnique

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