We’re hosting a fundraiser for the APS of Durham on Sunday, September 30th.

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WOD for Friday 090712Click Here For Today’s Schedule
Parallette Shoot Throughs
50 Strict Reps
On the minute for 12 Minutes:
5 Deadlifts
2 Hang Power Clean (75% 1RM)
1 Jerk

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For the skill segment, perform 50 strict parallette shoot throughs.  Pause in each position for a 1 second hold.  Rest between reps as needed.  Do not let your form get sloppy.

For the conditioning workout, use the same bar for all three movements and set the load based on 75% of your 1RM hang power clean.  You can push jerk or split jerk.  Complete the sequence as fast as you can, with good form, and then rest the remainder of the minute.  Note: the weight is intended to be relatively light.  It adds up to a lot of reps!

Parallette Shoot Through with Jeff Tucker