Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/24/20


Strength & Conditioning workout for 03/24/20

Whiteboard Brief:

Build: Quads

3-4 sets:

8-12 Tempo Goblet Squats (32X1)

immediately into

6-10 Squat Jumps

rest :90 b/w sets


Chipper Style:

30 “Lunge Lunge Squats”

30 “Strict” Situps

20 Lunge Lunge Squats

20 Strict Situps

10 Lunge Lunge Squats

10 Strict Situps

*Complete all reps of the “Lunge Lunge Squats” before moving into situps

*Strict Situps = Hold you hands extended over your body during the entire movement.. basically don’t swing your arms to help you do the sit-up 😉

-If you need, you can totally drop the reps on the sit-ups or keep the arm swing. Just make sure to make a note of it somewhere so we can work on this together!